Huntington Super Pawn
17731 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach,
CA 92647
Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Closed Sunday

About Us

Our Store

Huntington Super Pawn has been helping the citizens of Huntington Beach and the surrounding communities since 1980. We're family owned and operated and pride ourselves  on giving our customers the utmost in quality service. We offer loans from $10-$100,000. We pay and loan you top dollar for your items of value. Our guarantee is, we will beat any of our competitors prices on Gold, Diamonds and high end watches. To prove this to you, we encourage you to visit any of our competitors first and then come visit us with their quote. If we cannot beat their price I will buy you and your family dinner. We are conveniently located on the corner of Beach Blvd. and Newman Ave. in the heart if Huntington Beach. We will buy or make you a jewelry loans so you can have cash today in less than 10 minutes. Call us at (714) 848-8402 to find out how we can help you today!

We buy or loan on:

  • Earrings, Rings, Necklaces- gold, silver or platinum
  • Platinum & Palladium
  • Sterling flatware, coins & bullion
  • Fine jewelry
  • Diamonds & watches
  • Rolex, Cartier, Panerai & Breitling experts
  • Antique % estate pieces
  • Class rings & dental gold
  • Any item that is 10k, 14k, 18k and/or 22k
  • Broken gold jewelry
  • Musical Instruments
  • Tools
  • Electronics
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Surf & skateboards
  • Bicycles
  • Cars & motorcycles

Maybe you have been lucky enough to have inherited your gold, or it was given to you as a gift a long time ago. No matter how you came across it, with sky high gold prices, now is the time to sell. So be aware, the heavy gold coins you have in that old tool box, dusty jewelry box or even that rusting fishing tackle box could be worth some serious cash right now. DON”T MISS OUT! Bring your item in and get a free appraisal today.

Pawn Shops for Great Bargains

Vast savings are available everyday on outstanding merchandise. If you are interested in saving money, and finding great values, the pawn shop is the place for you to go. Today’s pawn shop has it all. Quality merchandise at outstanding prices is what the modern pawn shop offers. Previously owned merchandise of excellent quality is found on the shelves of your pawn shop. A pawn broker is conscious that when he loans on an item, it could someday be on his shelf for sale. Therefore, he only will deal in good quality merchandise. Pawn shops are an established business. The pawn broker is permanent, unlike flea markets, auctions, garage sales, or the guys selling out of a van on the side of the road. Today’s pawn broker knows his business is only as good as his reputation, and he wants to maintain a good reputation. It’s as simple as that. The variety is amazing. Since the merchandise is previously owned, the number of makes and models of merchandise are limitless. You never know what you’ll find in the pawn shop.

Hot Stuff?

A lot of people assume that merchandise in a pawn shop is stolen. Today’s pawn brokers are regulated and licensed by the state to insure they do not deal in stolen goods. All transactions are closely monitored by law enforcement agencies to see that pawn shop merchandise is not stolen.

Here’s a brief history of pawn shops.

Pawn shops date back to ancient times, as one of the earliest recorded lending institutions. During the late Middle Ages the House of Lombard in Europe had a group of pawn shops. The sign of the House of Lombard was the three golden balls, and this sign became the symbol of the pawn industry. The pawn industry came to America with the first settlers. In the early part of this century, pawn broking was regarded as the main source of consumer credit. With the rise of large consumer credit institutions; including finance corporations, savings and loan associations, and credit unions, the pawn shop is no longer the main source of consumer credit. But the pawn shop still plays a vital role in providing quick consumer credit.  

The general public has a lending need for small sums that other sources are unwilling to provide. This resulted in the rise of popularity of pawn shops. What chance do you think you would have in securing a $300.00 or smaller loan from a financial institution for a 30 to 90 day period? The cost of the paper work alone prohibits them from making such loans on a regular basis.

What can you find in today’s pawn shop?

Variety makes visiting a pawn shop an intriguing and enjoyable experience. You never know what you will find. You would have to visit dozens of different retail stores to find all the different types of merchandise found in a single pawn shop. Jewelry, silver, clocks, stereos, sporting goods, cameras, musical instruments, tools, guns, TV’s, computers, bikes, coins, appliances are just a few of the things to be found in the pawn shop. The merchandise is always changing. There will always be something new for you to see; the variety of brands of merchandise in the pawn shop is very large. If you are looking for a VCR, you don’t have to drive to several different electronics stores to find just what brand and model fits your particular needs.
You can comparison shop. A pawn shop offers different model years of merchandise, at vast savings. Everyone has heard the old saying, “They don’t make them like they used to.” You can find an item made “the way they used to,” is in a pawn shop. Try pawn shopping as part of your shopping discovery experience. We loan on and stock almost everything, including gold and diamond jewelry, watches, tools, electronics, musical instruments, cameras, game systems, video games, DVDs/CDs, firearms and more. Present your item (collateral) to one of our friendly customer service representatives for a loan appraisal and you’ll have a loan appraisal in minutes. 

Don’t wait! Come and browse the world of exciting bargains in your local pawn shop